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By M. Tim Jones

I believe this ebook is superb! It explains the basics of AI in a manner that's effortless to learn and comprehend! i like to recommend this ebook to AI newcomers who don't need to spend hours understanding technical language. It used to be a good option for me!

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Neural Networks II Where the previous chapter explored supervised neural network algorithms, this chapter provides an introduction to the unsupervised variants. ” This chapter explores unsupervised learning algorithms, including Hebbian learning, Simple Competitive Learning, k-Means Clustering, Adaptive Resonance Theory, and the Hopfield autoassociative model. Intelligent Agents Intelligent (or Software) Agents are one of newest techniques in the AI arsenal. ” This means that those applications represent a user and satisfy the goals of the task autonomously without further direction from the user.

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In this case, we find the desired goal (E), but since its accumulated path cost is eight, it ends up at the end of the queue. For step four, we evaluate node D and again find the goal node. The path cost results in seven, which is still greater than our B node in the queue. Finally, at step five, node B is evaluated. The goal node is found again, with a resulting path cost of six. The priority queue now contains the goal node at the top, which means at the next iteration of the loop, the algorithm will exit with a path of A->B->E (working backwards from the goal node to the initial node).

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