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Squadron sign courses In motion F9F Panther Cougar #1051 U3

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Deitchman feared that the Surveillance Center had become “simply a sophisticated target detection system for air strikes that are mounted in the same way as previous . . ”12 20 A Time of Transition Meanwhile, Gen. William W. Momyer, commander of the Seventh Air Force , which waged the air war in South Vietnam and southern Laos, opposed the course of action advocated by Deitchman and his colleagues in the Jason Summer Study. To some extent, doctrinal considerations influenced the Air Force officer.

Since the interval between transmission from the two sites was known, the difference in arrival time revealed proportionate distance from each site (twice as far from one as from the other, for instance). A signal from a third source, like the second having a known relationship to the first station, pinpointed the aircraft by triangulation. A computer in the aircraft made the calculations necessary to fix the position of the fighter-bomber and, also based on the difference in the time of arrival of radio signals, the location of an initial point for the bombing run and of the target itself.

Involvement in the war in Vietnam. The ceiling was already in place when news of Westmoreland’s request for 206,000 men surfaced in the press. The accounts did not disclose that the majority of these troops would reconstitute the strategic reserve in the United States or that the President had decided to do far less. Meanwhile, reporting from South Vietnam continued to stress the audacity of the enemy and the confusion he had sown. S. forces. No wonder that voters in New Hampshire rallied behind the antiwar write-in candidate, Senator Eugene J.

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