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By Lee E Russell, Mike Chappell

On eight march 1965 a few 3,500 US Marines, the 1st US wrestle troops to reach in Vietnam, landed in Da Nang to guard the USA air base there. On eight June, following extra reinforcements, basic Westmoreland permitted his troops to start 'offensive patrolling'. Lee Russell's follow-up to Men-at-Arms 104 focuses in finer element at the uniforms and insignia of the U.S. military and Marines, the ARVN and the NVA. The ebook is choked with fantastically distinctive black and white photos of the forces within the box, and Mike Chappell's first-class illustrations offer key reference fabric for the modern uniforms and battledress.

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When I was at Cannon AFB we practised buddy-lasing extensively with the F-111D day and night, mainly with RF-4Cs with laser capability (PAVE Tack). You really had to synchronize your manoeuvre with the RF-4C. It was better if we had a guy on the ground who could lase the target. The 42nd ECS ‘NATO Ravens’ was recommissioned on 1 July 1983 and joined the 20th TFW, although its parent unit became the 66th ECW at Sembach, West Germany in June 1985. The first of 13 EF-111As for the squadron (66-037, ‘NATO Raven One’) was delivered on 3 February 1984, piloted by Lt Col David Vesely and Maj Roger Brooks.

US-based F-111A/D/Gs were not nuclear-capable. 75in rockets, which were never used. European-based F-111s used the cylindrical SUU-21 with the same bombs. These dispensers were always mounted on the inboard pylons and on weapons training detachments (WTDs) BRU-3A/As might be hung on the outer pylons too, for carrying Mk 82s. com Air-to-air missiles During Combat Lancer, F-111As carried a single AIM-9B Sidewinder AAM on an AERO-3B launcher attached to a retractable trapeze in the left side of the weapons bay, but AIM-9Bs were probably not loaded during Constant Guard V.

The crews knew what the airplane could do and how to do it, but the planners had to be convinced. After Linebacker II, the ‘Roadrunners’ flew missions over Laos and Cambodia. Many involved ‘blind’ radar offset bombing from medium altitude; or pathfinder sorties using the F-111A’s superior bombing/navigation equipment to lead other aircraft to their targets. Transferred to the 347th TFW at Korat RTAFB in July 1973, the F-111As continued these missions and also participated in the recovery of the crew of the SS Mayaguez, captured by the Cambodian Khmer Rouge in May 1975, before returning to Nellis AFB the following month.

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