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By Dennis Brown, Paul D. Ryan

Arc-continent collision has been one of many very important tectonic methods within the formation of mountain belts all through geological time, and it is still so this present day alongside tectonically lively plate limitations akin to these within the SW Pacific or the Caribbean. Arc-continent collision is believed to were the most vital strategy fascinated with the expansion of the continental crust over geological time, and will additionally play an incredible function in its recycling again into the mantle through subduction. figuring out the geological techniques that ensue in the course of arc-continent collision is for that reason of significance for our knowing of the way collisional orogens evolve and the way the continental crust grows or is destroyed. moreover, zones of arc-continent collision are manufacturers of a lot of the worlds basic fiscal wealth within the type of minerals, so figuring out the tactics that occur in the course of those tectonic occasions is of significance in modeling how this mineral wealth is shaped and preserved. This ebook brings jointly seventeen papers which are devoted to the research of the tectonic tactics that ensue in the course of arc-continent collision. it's divided into 4 sections that deal to start with with the most gamers considering any arc-continent collision; the continental margin, the subduction region, and at last the volcanic arc and its mineral deposits. the second one part provides 8 examples of arc-continent collisions that diversity from being at present lively via to Palaeoproterozoic in age. The 3rd part comprises papers, person who offers with the obduction of large-slab ophiolites and a moment that offers a variety of actual versions of arc-continent collision. The fourth part brings every thing that comes sooner than jointly right into a dialogue of the approaches of arc-continent collision.

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Geophys J Int 170:58–604 Weigel W, Flueh ER, Miller H, Butzke A, Dehghani GA, Gebhardt V, Harder I, Hepper J, Jokat W, Klaeschen D, Kreymann S, Schueßler S, Zhao Z (1995) Investigations of the East Greenland continental margin between 70 and 72 N by deep seismic sounding and gravity studies. Mar Geophys Res 17:167–199 White N (1990) Does the uniform stretching model work in the North Sea? In: Blundell DJ, Gibbs AD (eds) Tectonic evolution of the North Sea rifts, vol 181. Oxford Science Publications (International Lithosphere Program), pp 217–239 White R, McKenzie D (1989) Magmatism at rift zones: the generation of volcanic continental margins and flood basalts.

No undeniable modern example of such ongoing subduction initiation is yet known: a possible recent exception is suggestion for subduction/overthrusting initiation at the eastern Brasilian margin (Marques et al. 2008). Indeed, Goren et al. (2008) speculated that such type of initiation was relevant in the past for two active intra-oceanic subduction systems in which Atlantic lithosphere is being subducted: the Lesser-Antilles and the South Sandwich subduction systems. Also, Masson et al. (1994) and Alvarez-Marron et al.

Eclogites indicate a low P/T gradient during subduction and record conditions in the nascent stages of the subduction zone with an anticlockwise P–T path (compare with Fig. 3 Myr). Other blocks record the continuous cooling of the evolving subduction zone and show typical clockwise P–T-paths (compare with Fig. 3 Myr). Omphacite blueschists correspond to the mature subduction zone recording very high (“cold”) P/T gradients. Cooling rates and exhumation rates of the metamorphic blocks were estimated to be 9–20 C/Ma and 5–6 mm/a, respectively.

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