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By Jerry Oltion

In an international ruled by way of America's heavy hand, an self sustaining scientist finds the key of quick, reasonable interstellar commute, sparking an exodus like none in heritage. whilst an individual with a number of hundred funds and a bit ingenuity can construct their very own spaceship, even americans can't wait to get out from below the United States's domineering thumb.

Trent and Donna Stinson, of Rock Springs, Wyoming, seal up their pickup for vacuum and go searching for a greater existence one of the stars, yet they quickly examine that you just can't outrun your difficulties. America's belligerent international coverage is increasing simply as speedy because the world's refugees, threatening to ruin humanity's final likelihood for peaceable coexistence. while their very own govt attempts to kill them for workout the freedoms that folks as soon as took with no consideration, Trent and Donna reluctantly admit that the USA needs to be stopped. yet how can patriotic voters struggle their very own state? and the way can they prevail the place the remainder of the realm has failed?

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