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Analog technological know-how Fiction and truth, November 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 11
Trevor Quachri, editor
Cover artwork by way of Joshua Meehan


"Flow" via Arlan Andrews Sr.

"Persephone Descending" through Derek Kunsken

Short Stories
"Superior Sapience" through Robert R. Chase
"An workout in Motivation" by means of Ian Creasey
"Habeas Corpus Callosum" through Jay Werkheiser
"Conquest" through Bud Sparhawk
"Elysia Elysium" through V. G. Campen
"Mercy, Killer" by way of Auston Habershaw

"Fieldnotes" by means of Lola Haskins

Science Fact
"Predictable Futures: weather Fiction and weather Fact" through W.R.L. Anderegg

Guest Editorial: "Living in Indignation" by way of Richard A. Lovett
Alternate View: "Inflation and the Swirls of Gravity" by way of John G. Cramer

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Zephyr's Grace: Affected models can fire Snap Shots after running. Fi RE BLADES prefer to remain with the Fire Warriors. For some, this is a practical realisation that the tactical versatility required by Crisis or Stealth Teams eludes them; for others, it is simply a preference to remain squarely situated with the heart of any Tau gunline. Fire blades are the most grizzled and seasoned Fire Warriors of their cadre, whose skill at the Fire Warrior's art of battle leads them to eschew battlesuit technology.

To the rear, those Riptides outfitted attacks. It was a planet entirely given over to defending itself, its with the ion accelerator showed off the range and hitting­ whole population geared either for war, or for war production. power of their prototype weapons - destroying battle tanks and blowing chunks out of the reinforced bunkers. Amidst the rain of incoming ordnance and the blossoming of explosions, the distinctive thrumming sound of Riptides overcharging their nova reactors could be heard.

They operate ahead of their comrades, close to their foe, to accurately scout the enemy. In such a position, a Pathfinder's life is always under threat. For this reason and more, Pathfinders are held in high regard by every caste. They are not protected by a battlesuit or stealth field generators, yet they are far from helpless. A Pathfinder's standard kit includes a pulse carbine - ideal for the close­ ranged firefights they so frequently find themselves in. Pathfinders also bear markerlights to guide the firepower of the rest of the cadre against optimal targets.

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