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By Gerhard Seel, Jean-Pierre Schneider, Daniel Schulthess (eds.)

Ever considering the fact that Aristotle's well-known argument concerning the sea-battle the next day to come, there was extensive and arguable dialogue between philosophers even if the reality of statements in regards to the destiny results in determinism. Ther e is controversy approximately Aristotle's personal method to the matter, in addition to the perspectives of classical and medieval commentators on Aristotle. Seel's publication makes an attempt to reply to this query for the Neoplatonist Ammonius (5th-6th century AD). In so doing, he additionally opens up new insights into Neoplatonic idea.

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19 quod ita cecidit certe casurum, sicut cecidit, fuit; Fat. 27 ut praeterita ea vera dicimus quorum superiore tempore vera fuerit instantia, sic futura quorum consequenti tempore vera erit instantia, ea vera dicemus. Cp. H. Weidemann 1994,256-259 who seems to opt for the second possibility. For Alexander of Aphrodisias cp. R. Sharpies, 1983a, 20-21. Future Contingencies: The problem and its possible solutions 29 are either indefinitely true or indefinitely false. In this way, the principle of bivalence was preserved and determinism avoided.

36 Part II: Introduction from the point of view of the future or of eternity. The sentences are true because, from a timeless point of view, there is an event that makes them true. This event presents the outcome of the open course of the world process. It is because, from a timeless point of view, the open course has this outcome that there is a present fact about this outcome and a present truth of the sentence predicting it. 61 The development of the debate about future contingents in antiquity may be summarised in the table given opposite.

He could also, of course, avoid the deterministic consequences of both Aristotle's Truth-to-Necessity-Argument and the Reaper-Argument, without giving up the Principle of Bivalence. Defenders of the non-standard interpretation argue that Aristotle himself followed this line of argument. 6 The Peripatetic school ofAlexander ofAphrodisias Carneades was not the only philosopher who tried to avoid Stoic fatalism while preserving, along with the Stoics, the principle of bivalence. Most of the later opponents of Stoicism followed Carneades in rejecting the Stoic thesis that fatalism does not imply necessitarianism.

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