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It was low, and so obscured by the colour of the materials, that but for its roof, and the glittering of a window, it must have escaped her notice. Fenimore Cooper 35 While yet lost in the astonishment created by discovering a habitation in such a spot, on moving her eyes she perceived another object that increased her wonder. It apparently was a human figure, but of singular mould and unusual deformity. (p. 315) It is thus as if Frances has been vouchsafed a vision and through her receptivity is brought to a deeper understanding of the revolutionary drama and Harvey's part in it.

The light of such a hemisphere shall go up to Heaven, it will throw its beams beyond the waves; it will shine into the darkness there, and be comprehended, -it will awaken desire, and hope, and effort, and produce revolutions and overturnings until the world is free .... Floods have been poured upon the rising flame, but 24 American Romanticism they can no more extinguish it than they can extinguish the fires of Aetna. Still it burns, and still the mountain murmurs; and soon it will explode with voices and thunderings, and great earthquakes ....

Michel Chevalier, a European visitor, described Cincinnati as it was only a year or so after Beecher's arrival: Cincinnati, approached from the water, has an imposing appearance, still more so when it is viewed from one of the neighbouring hills. The eye takes in the windings of the Ohio and the course of the Licking which enters the former at right angles, the steamboats that fill the port, the basin of the Maimi Canal, with the warehouses that line it and the locks that connect it with the river, the whitewashed spinning works of Newport and Covington with their tall-chimnies, the Federal arsenal, above which floats the starry banner, and numerous wooden spires that crown the churches.

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