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46 Yet, morality aside, the rhetoric and actual waging of asymmetrical warfare by weaker powers and actors have been manifested in international order since its inception. S. power. S. prerogatives; unilateral invasion of sovereign states; impinging upon states’ sovereignty by exerting unabashed influence or control over Middle East political and economic policies; and categorical ideological, political, military, and financial support of Israel by the United States for geopolitical and strategic purposes.

S. S. power, thereby fomenting global insecurity. The contest between the objective embodiment of goodness and truth (the United States) versus objective, unadulterated “evil” (rogue states, ubiquitous terror) creates a binary, precarious, and constricted universe of international thought, action, and possibility. Subscribing to such a binary opposition establishes a global template that procures volatile standards of a simplified universe of right and wrong. Utility of Universal Foes: Rogue States and Terror The “rogue state” is an epistemic category that is part of the antiquated bipolar global security context, yet it has been reconfigured and resurrected by the event of 9/11.

Reserves for itself the right to use a broad range of public resources and instruments to undertake military intervention . . S. ASA undermine global security by undermining the states system. This is the case because the tools that the United States has given itself to perpetuate absolute security are myopically focused on the absolute weal of one state to the detriment of all others when it comes to state sovereignty and respect for diversity among states. S. S. S. security interests. CHAPTER 2 Absolutist Security Characteristics and Dynamics Security and Rules of Formation E stablishing an enemy involves utilizing rules of formation.

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