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By Jan Roskam

Prelim Sizing of Airplanes, Prelim Config layout and Integration of the Propulsion method, format layout of Cockpit ..., structure layout of touchdown equipment ..., part Weight Estimation, Prelim Calc of Aerodynamics ..., decision of balance ..., plane expense Estimation ... (8 Vols)

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Zadeh provided some suggestions on those points in [308]; other views may be found in [25, 54, 163, 187,2291. 2 Artificial Neural Networks Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are inductive learning algorithms that mimic the operation of neurons in animal brains. 8). ANNs derive their power from having a large number of simple computational units that are very densely interconnected [loll. The earliest paper on ANNs was [182] in 1943; other important early papers included [lo21 and [212]. Rosenblatt’s single-layer Perceptron architecture [252] was very popular in the 1960’s, until Minsky and Papert showed that it could not solve any learning problem that was not linearly separable [199].

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There is a very close relationship between fractal sets and chaotic systems. A chaotic system is an analytic function that cannot be accurately determined from observation of its behavior over any time span. What this means is that any prediction of future behavior based on past behavior is inaccurate; the amplitude of the prediction error very quickly becomes as large as the original signal. This is the signature property of a chaotic system; any two trajectories that are infinitesimally close at some point in the system state space will diverge from each other at an exponential rate.

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