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GARTH WILSON AND RICHARD E. DAVIS concentrations serve as a good index of vitamin B, status in pregnancy. 005) lowering of plasma pyridoxal phosphate levels, compared with an age-matched control group; this confirmed the observations of others (A2, H9, H10, W13). This work led to studies on the supplementation of the diet of pregnant women with pyridoxine, and to some controversy as to whether this is either necessary or, indeed, ethical. 6 mg over that for nonpregnant women. Hamfelt and Turemo (H10) studied two groups of pregnant women, one taking 2 mg of pyridoxine orally per day and the other taking 10 mg; and found that the 2 mg dose was insufficient to maintain their plasma pyridoxal levels at the same levels as the controls.

Clinically, patients with cystathioninuria show no consistent signs or symptoms, although several have been retarded. On the other hand, sibs of affected cases who have been shown to have the biochemical disease have been clinically normal. Frimpter (F5)reported that cystathionase activity in the liver of two affected patients was less than 10% of “normal,” and that the addition of pyridoxal phosphate in uitro restored activity toward normal. Previous work had shown that there was biochemical improvement in uiuo after daily supplementation with pyridoxine, and it had been proposed that the mutation in this condition altered the apoenzyme in such a way that the affinity for the coenzyme was markedly reduced.

DAVIS what different pattern of excretion of tryptophan metabolites in patients taking isonicotinic acid hydrazide without vitamin B, supplements. Krishwaswamy (K12) observed that some patients with tuberculosis, undergoing therapy with isonicotinic acid hydrazide, varied in their sensitivity to the drug, even after accounting for the patients’ inherited capacity to inactivate it (slow/fast acetylation), H e loaded his patients with methionine and showed increased urinary excretion of cystathionine and an elevated ratio of cystathionine to cysteine sulfonic acid, suggesting a block in conversion of cystathionine to the cysteine sulfonic acid.

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