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By J.M. Arias, M. Lozano

The sphere of nuclear physics is getting into the twenty first century whereas experiencing a robust revival. at the one hand it truly is altering qualitatively via new experimental advancements that permit us to direct radioactive and different unique probes to focus on nuclei and touch off super lively nuclear collisions. additionally, the outstanding sophistication of recent detector structures leads us to anticipate a few new discoveries within the close to destiny. however many new purposes have seemed in fields as different as drugs, undefined, artwork, archaeology and the environmental sciences. This ebook is an instructional creation to the sector of contemporary nuclear physics. it will possibly bridge the space among usual textbook fabric and study literature if you intend to paintings in any of the disciplines the place nuclear technological know-how and know-how goes to play an immense function sooner or later.

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It should be noted that the method of 1/N-expansion is applicable also for manydimensional systems with non-separable variables, including many-body systems. 1 Find the energy spectrum of binding states using 1/N expansion where N is given by Eq. 1). Consider the one-dimensional potentials: U0 ; cosh2 (x/a) x 2 a − ; 0 < x < ∞; (b) U (x) = U0 x a x 2x − b exp − (c) U (x) = U0 exp − a a (a) U (x) = − . Here the parameters U0 , a, b are positive numbers. Compare the obtained results with corresponding exact solutions.

Pergamon, Oxford, 1977) Chapter 3 Rydberg States of Atomic Systems Let us consider multielectron atomic systems which are found in the definite stationary states. Most of the calculations of the properties of such systems and the classification of their quantum states are based on the single-particle approximation; according to this approximation each of the atomic electrons is found in the definite single-particle state. , of a neutral atom, or of a positive ion) by the requirement that one of the electrons is found in a highly excited state , which is determined by the large value of the principal quantum number n = nr + l + 1 1.

Taking into account Eq. 36), we obtain g1 = − 2nr + 1 1 ω− 2 2v(r0 ) r0 = (2nr + 1) ωr02 − 1 g0 . 37) Here, the frequency ω is given by Eq. 11), but with substitution g → g0 . 13)). Taking it into account, we obtain g2 = 15 22 ω 3 + s A2 − (2 + s) B v (r0 ) 16 15 8 √ 1+s 1 s 6A C + 5C + 1 − − C+ 8 4 C . 38) Here the coefficients A, B, C, and s are determined by Eq. 16) with substitution g by g0 . 38) present solutions of the problem for calculation of ξnnr ,cr with accuracy up to terms of the order of 1/n 2 .

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