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By Michel Burnier, Robert W. Schrier (auth.), Alberto Amerio, Pasquale Coratelli, Vito M. Campese, Shaul G. Massry (eds.)

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M. Schaefer, A. Hel dland, W. H. Hörl, The effect of adrenalectomy on proteln degradation in acutely uremic rats, Kldney lot. 29: 309 (1986). 51 24. A. Heidland, hyper. W. H. Y. Contribution of proteases to catabollsm in acute renal failure, "Nephrology", 25. Hörl, Tai, R. R. , Heidelberg, Tokyo (1984). A. Y. D. Elliot, 26. A. L. Primary Isolation completes covalent structure of the polypeptide chain, 251: New York, 111. structure of streptococcal proteInase. of cyanogen bromide peptides: in: J.

Proteinase inhibitors Leupeptin is a low-molecular weight proteinase inhibitor, produced by streptomyces species·o, whose activity is predominantly dlrected (85%) against lysosomal enzymes, particular thiol-proteinases, non-Iysosomal protelnases, proteinasesb and partly (15 %) in against including Ca-activated 1. In order to study the effect of lysosomal proteinases on uremic catabolism, we administered leupeptln to acutely uremic rats and measured BUN as weIl as urea-N appearance. 47 The experi ments were performed in 2 groups of BN rats.

Endothelial characteristics from that of normal (12). Another aspect of the glomerulus that can affect GFR is the visceral epithelial surface. The main cell body of the visceral epithelial cells is somewhat removed from the glomerular capillary wall and is separated from the underlying glomerular basement membrane by a layer of abundant cytoplasmic projections. Primary processes emanating from the main cell body radiate and branch into secondary and tertiary processes which terminate in club-shaped foot processes or pedicels, that lie immediately over the glomerular capillary wall (Figure 6).

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