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By Jonathan Shay

Publish 12 months note: First released in 1994

An unique and groundbreaking booklet that examines the mental devastation of battle via evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans struggling with post-traumatic tension disorder

In this strikingly unique and groundbreaking e-book, Dr. Shay examines the mental devastation of conflict via evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans being affected by post-traumatic tension illness. even though the Iliad was once written twenty-seven centuries in the past it has a lot to coach approximately strive against trauma, as do the more moderen, compelling voices and stories of Vietnam vets.

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61 The senators and their fellow diners were all impressed with Diem, who spoke forcefully against Bao Dai and the prospects for independence within the French Union. ”63 As many historians have observed, Diem’s ability to connect with Americans such as Fishel, Mansfield, and Kennedy during his exile would eventually pay off. S. exile helped ratify and reinforce Washington’s official support for him and his government. But in May 1953, Diem was not yet in a position to reap these political dividends, and his American friends had so far offered him little more than encouragement and moral support.

At the time of his departure, Diem intended to explore various options for garnering support from different foreign groups and governments. Accompanied by his older brother, Bishop Thuc, Diem set out first for Japan. In Tokyo, Diem had his first face-to-face meeting with his old ally, Prince Cuong De. The session was an emotional one for both men. Diem addressed the prince as “your majesty” (ngai) and told him that he deserved to be king, a remark that moved the elderly royal exile to tears. The men also discussed Cuong De’s continuing efforts to return to Vietnam, and even spoke of the possibility that he might yet play some role in the politics of his homeland.

In 1925, colonial police arrested Phan in China and brought him back to Vietnam for trial. Although Phan was convicted of sedition and sentenced to death, French officials dared not execute him, lest he become a martyr. 19 Diem idolized Phan for his accomplishments as a revolutionary, so it is not surprising that the two men became friendly in the years between Diem’s 1933 resignation and Phan’s death in 1940. Yet Diem also greatly respected Phan for his knowledge of Confucianism, and especially for the erudite commentaries on classical Confucian texts that Phan produced during these twilight years.

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