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By Robin Lee Hatcher

In A Vote of self assurance, the degree is decided for a few interesting perception into what it was once like in the course of 1915 to be a girl in a 'man's world.' Guinevere Arlington is a gorgeous younger girl made up our minds to stay in control of her personal lifestyles. For seven years, Gwen has carved out a whole lifestyles within the bustling city of Bethlehem Springs, Idaho, the place she teaches piano and writes for the neighborhood newspaper. Her ardour for the city, its humans, and the encircling land urged Gwen to run for mayor. in the end, who says a girl cannot do a man's activity? yet stepping outdoors the bounds of conference can get messy. A shady attorney backs Gwen, believing he can regulate her as soon as she's in place of work. A filthy rich newcomer throws his hat into the hoop in order to conquer competition to the wellbeing and fitness lodge he is development north of city. whilst the competitors fall in love, every little thing adjustments, forcing Gwen to stand what she can have to lose so that it will win.

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The dam on Crow’s Creek. It’s leaking. I’m not sure it’ll hold. ” Morgan’s gaze shifted toward the narrow road at the east end of the compound. About a mile up they’d built the dam that would provide and control the cold water used in conjunction with the natural hot water from the springs. “I’d better see it for myself. ” If that dam broke, a good portion of the resort compound could end up covered in several inches of water. Not the end of the world, but it would stop construction until things dried out.

You’re smart as a whip, Gwen. You can do anything you set your mind to. ” Cleo slapped her thighs with the palms of her hands. “You bet we’re prejudiced, but we’re right too. Gwennie, I’ll help every way I can. Maybe I could be in charge of your campaign. You do it. ” Gwen didn’t care if they were prejudiced. Their support meant everything to her. “All right. I will. ” Jackson Jones, the Bethlehem Springs city clerk, peered at Gwen over the tops of his wire-rimmed glasses. ” “Three? But I thought only Mr.

This seemed like a good time to visit one of the three restaurants in town. He could eat a good meal and possibly even shake a few hands. No time like the present to start his campaign. It was a pleasant time of day for a walk. Everything seemed softer at this midpoint between afternoon and evening. As Morgan made his way along Skyview Street and down the hillside toward the center of town, he considered the odd twists of fate that had brought him to Bethlehem Springs. If his father, the man Morgan had admired most in all the world, hadn’t died at the age of forty-five.

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