Download A Tibetan religious geography of Nepal. Tibet, Buddha, by Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po PDF

By Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

The Nepalese element of the author's global geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod.
Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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Again Dla-ma Btsan-po must have been misinformed about the height of the BodhnAth stOpa. He says it is about 100 'dom, or fathoms, which would make it some 600 feet high. If Bla-ma Btsan-po had only written descriptions of BodhnSth available to him. he may have misread brgya (one hundred) Tor brgyad (eight), which would be closer to the actual height of the stupa; however he says “ Thus, I have heard “ (ces rbos) and there should have been no confusion between the pronunciation of brgya and brgyad.

Bskal-pa rdzogs-ldan is the first of the four Buddhist ages. It is characterized " Having perfection " (rdzogs-ldan)-. in Sanskrit, Satyayuga. — 33 — temple, together with the remains of the offerings and many of R idbang's retinue, were destroyed by fire. Ri-db&ng himself began to burn. Frightened, he offered his daughter Ri-skyes-ma to Lha dragpo and beseeched him to put out the fire. Lha drag-po was then satis­ fied and extinguished the fire. Then, leading the goddess (lha-mo) Ri-skyes, he went away Regardless of whether this story is true or not, t have heard it said that even nowadays a serious epidemic fever called 'au-la 94 breaks out repeatedly among the people of that area.

Pa-|an, known in Sanskrit as Lalita-paltana, and also called Lalitpur, is the Patan of modern maps just south of Kathmandu. Patan was the capital of one of the three king­ doms of the valley prior to the conquest of Prilhvi Narayan. The Tibetan name, Ye-rang, is a rendering of the Newari name Yala, or Yalai. (On the history and variations of the names for Patan, see L6vi, I, pp. 60-62. On Palan's temples and environs, see Landon, pp. 216-20; Kirkpatrick, pp 161-62). 11 Pa-|hi-gom, known in Sanskrit as Bhaktapuro.

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