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From People's War to People's Rule: Insurgency, Intervention, and the Lessons of Vietnam

Timothy Lomperis persuasively argues the ironic element that the teachings of yank involvement in Vietnam are usually not to be present in any research of the struggle on its own. fairly, he proposes a comparability of the Vietnam adventure with seven different circumstances of Western intervention in communist insurgencies throughout the chilly warfare period: China, Indochina, Greece, the Philippines, Malaya, Cambodia, and Laos.

Seven firefights in Vietnam

An account of small unit activities in Vietnam. summary: An account of small unit activities in Vietnam

Company of Heroes: A Forgotten Medal of Honor and Bravo Company's War in Vietnam

On could 10, 1970, through the Cambodian Incursion, military expert Leslie Sabo Jr. , 22-years outdated, married purely 30 days sooner than transport out and on lively responsibility for simply 6 months, died as his patrol was once ambushed close to a distant border sector of Cambodia. whilst an enemy grenade landed close to a wounded comrade, Sabo used his physique to guard the soldier from the blast.

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The Men Behind the Crosshairs 10. Tools of the Trade: Arms and Equipment 11. Training and Organization 12. One Shot, One Kill: Operations 13. The Other Side: VC/NVA Snipers 14. The Assessment 15. Vietnam Sniper Legacy Appendix A. Sniper Rifle Systems Used in Vietnam Appendix B. Syllabus, Sniper Training Appendix C. 3rd Marine Division Scout-Sniper Refresher Training Schedule Appendix D. 3B (June 9, 1968), Scout-Sniper Platoons Appendix E. Sniper Training and Employment in the 9th Infantry Division Appendix F.

What a deal! In all my time in Vietnam, I’d never had a chance like this one. As we waited, five more gooks appeared, bringing the total to nine—all wearing uniforms and carrying rifles and packs. They moved slowly but with confidence. We waited a few more minutes. I wanted to be sure the nine were not the point element for a whole company. “When I was sure that the nine were alone, I whispered, ‘Now,’ and six shots cracked nearly as one. Six gooks dropped. We’d done it! We’d hit six for six. The other three really freaked and dashed for the jungle.

Attila the Hun, known as the Scourge of God to his enemies, assembled an army of 100,000 soldiers. Each Hun soldier rode into battle mounted on horseback and armed with a bow and multiple quivers of arrows. He led from one to seven additional horses that carried additional arrows, water, and all the supplies need for an extended campaign. Hun bowmen could accurately shoot arrows up to 100 meters at individual targets and double that distance by firing at a high angle. Swords, axes, and maces rounded out the Huns’ arsenal for close-in fighting, but the bow became their most influential weapon on the battlefield; the proficiency of individual bowmen had finally gained status.

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