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By William R. Scott

Fourth version. this is often the most recent variation of a truly renowned handbook that's utilized in school rooms around the globe to aid scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible. It includes a uncomplicated and simple dialogue of the masoretes, the masoretic culture, the serious gear of BHS, the Masora, the accents, strange letters, and different markings. It comprises an index. The fourth version additionally comprises an appendix "Introduction to BHQ" by way of Harold Scanlin.

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Note that two traditions of accentuation are preserved in Gen 35:22 and the Decalogue (in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5). ] Most accents (either disjunctive or conjunctive) are placed under or over the syllable which 27 THE ACCENTS receives the primary stress. Usually an accent below the word appears to the left of the vowel if the accented letter has a vowel. A few accents (marked below as "prepositive") appear on the first letter of the word or (marked "postpositive") on the last letter. In these cases the syllable to receive the primary stress must be determined independently of the accent mark.

Up to 4 servi (darga', mefka\ 'azla', flisa' q tanndh). a e Group 4: xxx xxx I xxx geres e ger sayim e l garmeh Subordinate to fbT', pasta', fblr or zarqà'. One or no servus (munah). Double geres. Same semantic value as geres, but different musical value. Symbol is munah combined with paséq. Usually divides unit which ends with r^bt '. 1 or 2 servi. 2 THE ACCENTS 31 xxx pazerqaton (or qatan) Subordinate to l^bf", pasta', fbir or zarqa'. Up to 6 servi. ") Subordinate to r'bt", pasta', fbir or zarqa'.

Xxx zaqep qaton (or qatan) Divides two units formed by 'atnah, when the division precedes 'atnah or silluq by more than one word. Usually has one or two servi (munah). Most common accent of 21 books. zaqèp gadòl e Has same semantic value as zàqèp qàtón but different musical value. e, replaces first zàqèp). May be followed by but not preceded by zàqèp. Is always preceded by zarqa'. One or two servi {munah). salselet Replaces s góltà ' when s gòltà ' would appear on first word of verse. ) e r bi af e e e Divides zaqep, s gdlta' or tiphah units.

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