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20 It is in this state of affairs that Pyrrhus decided it would be more useful to respond to the call for help from Tarentum and spend some time conquering Italy and Sicily. He asked for assistance from Ptolemy Ceraunus and from Antigonus Gonatas. 3). When seen from the vantage point of the Greek cities, which were still nominally independent even though their actions had been somewhat circumscribed by various kings, these years were a perfect opportunity to rearrange things to their liking if possible.

The remains of Pyrrhus were given to his son Helenus for burial and Halkyoneus was later praised by Antigonus for his humane treatment of Helenus and other supporters of Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus received a royal burial, and his surviving son Helenus was sent back to Epirus, where he reigned without interference from Antigonus. Antigonus had considered Pyrrhus a worthy adversary, a man of his own rank and status whose military ability earned him grudging respect. He likened Pyrrhus to a good dice player who makes many good throws but doesn’t know what to do with them (Plut.

The wedding probably took place in 276 or 275, to judge by the age at later times of their son Demetrius II. 27 It might be a good time to reflect on the proper means of governing Macedonia. There was, however, no time for that. There was at least one more threat: Pyrrhus was about to return from Italy. 28 4 THE STRUGGLE WITH PYRRHUS Pyrrhus returned from Italy in 274 BC with a grudge to settle against Antigonus, who had refused to send help to Pyrrhus while he was in Italy and Sicily, and whose pleasure at the removal of Pyrrhus from Macedonia was probably not well concealed.

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