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By Tracie Peterson

E-book 2 of The Bells of Lowell. The mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts, beckons Arabella Newberry whilst she comes to a decision to escape the lifetime of the Shakers. There she reveals the independence she seeks and a better goal as she works for academic reform. yet Lowell, laid low with ethnic strife, turns out now not a secure haven yet really a threat while a number of ladies cross lacking. As rumors and clash invade the of the mill, Arabella struggles together with her personal middle as males vie for her love.

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Excellent! Please read the contract. ’’ He pointed to the blank line at the bottom of the page. There was something about this room that reminded Bella of the Trustees’ Office at Canterbury, where the world’s people signed their contracts to enter the Society. It wasn’t the quietude or formality of the setting, for certainly this place was far from serene. And Mr. Gault’s manner, although forthright, held none of the austerity of the Elders as they had questioned novitiates. Perhaps, she decided, it was the solemnity of contracting her life to others, which was a concept she found particularly disquieting.

I’ve formed two chairs for us, Daughtie. We can sit on the log and lean against the trees and rest our backs,’’ she said, offering the loaf of rye bread and a wedge of yellow cheese to her friend. Daughtie tore a piece of bread from the loaf. ‘‘Nothing ever tasted so good. ’’ Bella nodded as she stuffed a piece of bread into her mouth. ’’ ‘‘Lowell? ’’ Bella nodded her head in rhythm with her chewing and then swallowed hard. ‘‘I’ve been thinking about that. I doubt we’ll find them. ’’ Daughtie’s eyebrows raised in obvious concern.

I wouldn’t know why not. ’’ both girls cried in unison. Bella couldn’t believe their good fortune. She hesitated for a moment. ’’ Sally gave her a look of disdain. ‘‘It’s his job. He travels throughout all of New England seeking farm girls who are willing to sign on for work at the mills. ’’ ‘‘I see,’’ Bella replied. This sudden blessing seemed like affirmation from God that she’d done the right thing. Sally looked down and made a purposeful show of pulling her feet away from Bella’s shoes. ‘‘Let’s hope it’s soon.

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