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By Joan M. Gattuso

Determining up the place A go back to like leaves off, Gattuso applies the robust teachings of A direction in Miracles to like, intercourse, and private achievement in a ebook that has a message for everybody.

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Belinda was like a starving puppy, lapping up any crumbs thrown in her direction. And that’s all she was getting—crumbs. No matter what she did, no matter how much she attempted to please, crumbs were her lot. A teenaged bride, Belinda was extremely needy in her marriage to Carlton. She needed continual approval and reinforcement that she was okay, beautiful, lovable, bright, and creative. Carlton could not be bothered. He didn’t have time for her, was constantly critical, and became easily irritated by her need for attention and approval.

I have come to understand these dramas as our desperate attempts to get the attention of our innermost self. One of my worst nightmares follows. The Monster Driving the Steamroller at You; Or Do I Have Your Attention Now? My friends in Alcoholics Anonymous speak of alcohol being like an elephant in the living room. Everyone in an alcoholic’s household tiptoes around the elephant, never mentioning its presence, pretending it isn’t there. All the while it is dominating the life of every family member, not just that of the alcoholic.

D. from a state university and James found fault with that. It seemed that James loathed everything about Tom. At the time I didn’t want to be James’s therapist, so I sent blessings to him and Tom and asked the Holy Spirit to heal this dynamic. ” I hadn’t noticed. ” I yelled in my head. ” At this conference, James and I were in the same session when the trainer began speaking on the perfect topic. Whatever we see that we don’t like in someone else is a smoke screen attempting to hide what we really loathe in ourselves.

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