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Delivering unprecedented scope, A significant other to Hellenistic Literature in 30 newly commissioned essays explores the social and highbrow contexts of literature creation within the Hellenistic interval, and examines the connection among Hellenistic and past literature. offers a panoramic severe exam of Hellenistic literature, together with the works of well–respected poets along lesser–known historic, philosophical, and clinical prose of the interval Explores how the indigenous literatures of Hellenized lands encouraged Greek literature and the way Greek literature stimulated Jewish, close to japanese, Egyptian, and Roman literary works.

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Some also inserted other historical figures, from historical predecessors, such as the poet Bion in the Epitaph for Bion, to contemporaries, such as Augustus in Vergil’s Eclogues. Vergil’s move proved a crucial one, as it gave rise to a tradition of bucolic poetry that creates a fullfledged counter-image of historical reality to offer a social critique. By Vergil’s time, however, Theocritus’ experimental poems about herdsmen had spawned a literary genre with its own conventions and a coherent fictional world, recognizable, for example, in Moschus and Bion.

Polis status became something to aspire to and the king was the person who could make it happen. There is a fascinating letter from the Attalid king Eumenes II to a community in Phrygia, dating from the first half of second century, in which he grants the inhabitants’ request that their community become a polis. The letter was subsequently inscribed as public confirmation of their new status. We see too what might be required for such an elevation. They had requested, writes Eumenes, that ‘‘a polis constitution be granted to [them], and [their] own laws, and a gymnasium, and as many things as consistent with those’’ (Jonnes and Ricl 1997; Bagnall and Derow 2004: no.

S. 17; Arr. An. 5; Stewart 1993: 78). Imitation here blurs the boundaries between history and myth, literature and life. This evocation of the Iliad and the age of heroes is further reinforced by a visit to Troy. Many stories circulated about this visit: he paid homage to the tomb of Achilles while his close friend Hephaestion did likewise at the tomb of Patroclus; he viewed relics from the Trojan War in the temple of Athena and exchanged his own armor for some of the weapons on display there, including a shield which was later carried before him into battle; and he sacrificed to Priam at the altar of Zeus Herceius, where his ancestor Neoptolemus had killed the Trojan king.

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