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By Clifford D. Simak

A handful of people and a mess of robots create a brand new society on a mysteriously deserted Earth during this breathtaking technology fiction vintage from one of many genre’s stated masters

What if you happen to awakened one morning in the world . . . and nobody else used to be there?
That is the truth that greeted a handful of people, together with Jason Whitney, his spouse Martha, and the remnants of a tribe of local americans within the yr 2135. Their inexplicable abandonment had unforeseen merits: the eventual improvement of psychological telepathy and different extrasensory powers, internal peace, and better of all, near-immortality. Now, 5 thousand years later, lots of the final people reside a tranquil, pastoral existence, leaving technological and spiritual exploration to the hundreds of robotic servants who now not have people to serve. however the unforeseen reappearance of Jason’s brother, who had teleported to the celebrities a long time sooner than, threatens to alter every little thing but again—for John Whitney is the bearer of startling information regarding the place Earth’s inhabitants went and why—and the main traumatic information of all: they might ultimately be coming domestic again.
Nominated for the Hugo Award whilst it first seemed in print greater than 40 years in the past, Clifford D. Simak’s really good and thought-provoking A number of Gods has misplaced not anything of its strength to astonish and intrigue. A masterwork of speculative fiction, clever and creative, it truly is vintage Simak, status tall one of the absolute best technological know-how fiction that has ever been written.


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The Hunter 39 At first he thought of blowing the door and to go on by using his space suit, but then he realized that he didn’t need to. He went back until he found a compartment where the door was open, and went in. The room was a mess, and the bedclothes were in a tangle: clearly the person who lived there was asleep when the replicator attacked the ship and he had abandoned his room in a hurry. He went to the computer terminal and tried to switch it on. It still worked. In less than a quarter of an hour he was able to get access to the mainframe and to download all the navigation data and the ship’s log onto a small memory card he had with him.

When we get that replicator I will get my share of the reward and I will be rich. It’s really a lot of money: I will pick you up here and we will go to somewhere where we can live in peace. And obviously we will take Madame with us …” He had spoken on the spur of the moment: in fact, his dreams were very different. He wanted to become a hunter. His dream was to buy a ship of his own one day: Captain Mike Edwards. However, for now he didn’t want to think about that. After all, the two things were not so contradictory.

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