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By Rick Morgan, Jim Laurier

Designed within the years following the Korean battle after which synthetic for over 30 years beginning in 1960, the A-6 speedy grew to become the main able assault airplane within the US Navy's sturdy. the 1st squadron, VA-75, made its preliminary deployment without delay into wrestle in south-east Asia in 1965, and, over the subsequent 8 years, ten US army and 4 Marine Intruder squadrons may behavior strive against operations all through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. After preliminary difficulties and a excessive loss expense, the sort proved itself past all doubt because the Naval prone' top evening and foul-weather platform, quite in the course of the region's infamous monsoon season, which can floor just about all different in-theatre airplane because of heavy rains and occasional visibility. The A-6 Intruder grew to become a real vintage of naval aviation over the skies of North Vietnam, with 14 of its crews being honoured with the second one optimum ornament in Naval carrier, the military pass. the fee used to be excessive as sixty nine Intruders have been misplaced in strive against to all reasons throughout the struggle. This paintings tells the full tale of those airplane in strive against in the course of the Vietnam conflict.

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This directive, made only five days before the Presidential election, still allowed reconnaissance flights to be conducted over the north to monitor military developments. If there was any intention to influence voters with this decree it failed, as the Republican candidate, Richard M Nixon, soundly defeated Johnson’s Vice President, Hubert Horatio Humphrey, at the polls. Nixon would be inaugurated on VA-196 NK 407 drops a load of Mk 82 Snakeyes from high altitude with their fins closed during the 1968 cruise.

Despite the crew having managed to eject and an intense SAR effort being mounted, Lts Bruce Fryar and Nick Brooks would both be reported KIA. Later information would indicate that Brooks may have been captured by the Pathet Lao and executed. Lt Cdr ‘Pee Wee’ Reese and Lt(jg) Ed Frasier were more fortunate on 6 February. They had been bombing trucks on the Trail in Laos near dusk when tagged (in NE 516 BuNo 155618) by AAA. After spending a harrowing night in the jungle, the pair was snatched by USAF rescue forces in the morning.

The goal was to hit the growing stocks of war materials apparently being built up in advance of a possible offensive on the South. While Proud Deep probably had a positive short-term impact, the political environment would not allow the waging of a sustained campaign. Any doubt as to the intent of the North Vietnamese vanished on 30 March 1972 when six North Vietnamese Army (NVA) divisions invaded the South as a conventional army. The air war in Vietnam was about to enter another, and final, phase.

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