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She always had to coax herself, sidle a little along the coast, then hold her nose and run at the moment she least expected it. Years of swimming instruction at various resorts had come to nothing because of her conviction that the minute she went in she would sink. She rushed in, her heart thumping horribly. It wasn’t too cold. She got wet all over, then looked around for Harriet. Harriet seemed to be going to Europe. ” she yelled after the bobbing head. Harriet stopped abruptly and stood up. The water was shallow.

Be careful. ” Harriet looked up and down and then pushed off, there being not a car in sight. Beth Ellen followed, and they rode along through the summer day. The sun lay flat and heavy on the potato fields. The handlebars were hot to the touch. After a long road, a turn, and another long road, Harriet pulled up under a shade tree. It was cool, and their eyes began to see everything as very green. “It’s right over there—the second little house—but we’re getting too close now, we might be seen.

Beth Ellen shook her head. “Well,” said Harriet, looking pompous, “I happen to know something you don’t know, then, and that is that Harry has been running a limousine service with that car. ” said Beth Ellen in a bored way. ” Harriet said this in such a matter-of-fact way that it didn’t even bother Beth Ellen, who didn’t want to be a spy anyway, rotten or otherwise. ” Harriet didn’t even look to Beth Ellen for an answer but just pushed off on her bike. Beth Ellen took off after her, wobbling a bit but upright.

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