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By Arthur C. Clarke

2001: an area Odyssey is the vintage technology fiction novel that modified the way in which we checked out the celebs and ourselves....

2001: an area Odyssey encouraged what's possibly the best technology fiction movie ever made- brilliantly imagined by means of the overdue Stanley Kubrick....

2001 is eventually here....

"Dazzling...wrenching, eerie, a mind-bender."-Time

"Full of poetry, medical mind's eye and customarily wry Clarke wit. through status the universe on its head, he makes us see the normal universe in a special light...a advanced allegory concerning the background of the world."-The New Yorker

"Brain-boggling." -Life

"Clark has developed an efficient paintings of fiction...with the meticulous construction of an extraterrestrial environment...Mr. Clark is a master."--Library Journal

"Breathtaking."-Saturday Review

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Only along the equator was bare rock visible; here was an incredibly jagged no-man's-land of canyons and jumbled boulders, forming a darker band that completely surrounded the little world. There were a few impact craters, but no sign of vulcanism; Europa had obviously never possessed any internal sources of heat. There was, as had long been known, a trace of atmosphere. When the dark edge of the satellite passed across a star, it dimmed briefly before the moment of eclipse. And in somr areas there was a hint of cloud – perhaps a mist of ammonia droplets, borne on tenuous methane winds.

Around the rim of the carrousel were five tiny cubicles, fitted out by each astronaut according to taste and containing his personal belongings. Only Bowman's and Poole's were now in use, while the future occupants of the other three cabins reposed in their electronic sarcophagi next door. The spin of the carrousel could be stopped if necessary; when this happened, its angular momentum had to be stored in a flywheel, and switched back again when rotation was restarted. But normally it was left running at constant speed, for it was easy enough to enter the big, slowly turning drum by going hand-over-hand along a pole through the zero-gee region at its center.

Poole interjected tearfully. " There was a chorus of "good-byes," and the vision screen went blank. How strange to think, Poole told himself, that all this had happened more than an hour ago; by now his family would have dispersed again and its members would be miles from home. But in a way that time lag, though it could be frustrating, was also a blessing in disguise. Like every man of his age, Poole took it for granted that he could talk instantly, to anyone on Earth, whenever he pleased. Now that this was no longer true, the psychological impact was profound.

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