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By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

There are over 23 million books within the Library of Congress. One sticks out principally others. it's the approved King James Bible. here's a booklet, the Holy Bible, written by means of 40 male authors, writing from 3 continents, via a interval of greater than 1,800 years, and it screens a mathematical miracle, facing historic occasions, that no desktop may reveal. What specific quirk of perverted good judgment may lead any "modern guy" to miss this type of publication? along this publication, the Holy Bible, all different "holy writings" are only reasonable, shallow, superficial, non secular nonsense. a guy is a deluded idiot to guess opposed to the Book.
-Using background and prophecy, Dr. Ruckman exhibits how the Holy Bible surpasses all different so-called “sacred books” and human philosophies from the first actual verse.
-The mathematical phenomena mentioned during this paintings have by no means been duplicated via any writer, any scientist, or any laptop in six millennia.

About the author:
Dr. Peter S. Ruckman acquired his Bachelor of Arts measure from the collage of Alabama and entire his formal schooling with six years of teaching at Bob Jones college (four complete years and sped up summer time sessions), finishing specifications for the grasp of Arts and healthcare professional of Philosophy degree.
Reading at a fee of 7 hundred phrases consistent with minute, Dr. Ruckman had controlled to examine 6,500 books ahead of receiving his doctorate, and he nonetheless reads a typical of a booklet every one day.
Dr. Ruckman stands for absolutely the authority of the approved model and provides no apology to any well-known pupil wherever for his stand. as well as preaching the gospel and educating the Bible, Dr. Ruckman has produced a entire selection of apologetic and polemic literature and assets aiding the authority of the licensed model of the Holy Scriptures.

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32:18), a Rock can beget one Man (1 Cor. 10:1— 4), and as far as that goes, a Rock could begat a Rock (1 Cor. 10:1-4; Matt. 3:9)! Provided, of course, it isn’t one of Darwin’s ‘rocks’ or some Pope’s ‘rock’ (Deut. 32:31). Their rocks are not like our Rock (Deut. ” The scribe was silent. Evidently, the Lord had finally convinced him that “mum” WAS the word. Finally, he sighed and said, “Well, if the rest of this stuff I wrote (like Cain killing Abel and Joseph’s brothers trying to kill him and Esau trying to kill Jacob and Israel trying to kill me [Acts 7:25, 35; Num.

23), people eating chili (Gen. 25), women eating their children (2 Kings 6), someone raping his sister (2 Sam. 13), carpenters’ losing ax heads (2 Kings 6), and list after list of “nobodies” who lived and died without affecting the life of any person on earth in relation to religions, faiths, “sacraments,” belief in God, church membership, Golden Rules, the Ten Commandments, or the after-life (Gen. 10, 36; 1 Chron. ). ” None of them sat cross-legged and me­ diated about anything. None of them mentioned being headed for Heaven or Hell (let alone “Purgatory”), and the listing of their names has no more to do with anyone’s “religion” than it has to do with the building of the Brooklyn Bridge.

No, no, no, Moses. The word ‘m um ’ simply means I ’m keepin’ my mouth shut; I ’m not telling any­ one what His name is now. Y ou’re forgetting, son, I’m writin’ this here Book in street language (Koine He­ brew) so folks can understand it. ” Moses shifted uncomfortably. Then he got up and stretched. It was more a silent objection than a needed exercise. Then he sat down again and slowly began to ‘leaf through’ his writings. He stopped occasionally and stared at a verse. “SHEPHERD” (John 10).

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