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From Plato to Groucho, this accomplished version positive factors essentially the most quotable those who ever lived. they're the well-known, notorious, the little-known, and the unknown, encouraged sufficient by way of lifestyles to touch upon it, and clever sufficient to be smart approximately it. "Like consuming peanuts--once you begin it really is not easy to stop." FORBES journal "You'll love this booklet and browse its strains aloud to helpless friends." DALLAS MORNING information

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Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes Source: Practical Diabetology. 19(2): 16, 18-23. June 2000. A. Rapaport Publishing, Inc. 150 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011. (800) 234-0923. Summary: This review article discusses the etiology, pathology, diagnosis, and management of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men who have diabetes. The causes of ED generally fall within the categories of organic or psychogenic. Organic causes include the categories of vascular, traumatic or postsurgical, neurologic, endocrinologic, and drug induced.

Comorbidity (Charlson Index), and urinary and sexual dysfunction (UCLA Prostate Cancer Index) are expected to influence depression, hence data will be collected and these factors will be controlled. If dyadic interventions are shown to enhance survival and/or reduce depression among this group, results may be extended to others with cancer. Hence, this may be integrated in the treatment of cancer survivors in the future. ; Professor; Chemistry; University of Pennsylvania 3451 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa 19104 Timing: Fiscal Year 2002; Project Start 01-MAY-1994; Project End 31-JAN-2006 Summary: (provided by applicant): In order to establish a base of structural knowledge concerning structure, function, and regulation in the enigmatic family of manganese metalloenzymes, we have selected the metallohydrolase rat liver arginase as the paradigm for protein engineering and rational ligand design experiments.

The specific aims to achieve this goal will be to: (i) develop a refined engineering model that illustrates the relationship between cavernosal percent smooth muscle and cavernosal "expandibility". (2) demonstrate, in a group of patients, correlation between cavernosal "expandibility" (obtained during preoperative dynamic infusion pharmacocavernosometry) and cavernosal percent smooth muscle (obtained by histomorphometric analysis of the cavernosal tissue harvested during penile implant surgery).

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