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By Steve Barr

A section too easy. should you particularly can't draw anything...ok. differently, a piece too uncomplicated.

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Go ahead, Ensign,” Dax said, frowning. It was immediately obvious that something was wrong aboard the Defiant. “I’m afraid we’re in need of Dr. Bashir’s services, Lieutenant,” said Tenmei. ” Bashir said over Ezri’s shoulder, the alien artifact suddenly forgotten. ” It was Commander Vaughn’s voice, deep and resonant. ” Bashir wasn’t relieved very much by Vaughn’s qualification. Injured people were injured people, and he was a doctor. “Acknowledged, Captain,” he said as he watched Nog launch a subspace beacon.

Shaking off mental images of belligerent, paranoid, future Cardassians someday returning in force to menace her homeworld, Kira nodded. “You’ll get no argument from me, Macet. But the first and second ministers don’t appear to see the matter with the same urgency we do. ” Macet stared across the Promenade into the star-spangled darkness visible through the large upper-tier windows. His face slackened and his eyes grew pained. “I don’t need to tell you how desperate things are back on Cardassia Prime.

Though he wasn’t a specialist in higher-dimensional topology, it was obvious to him that the artifact’s surface convolutions had to be incredibly complex. Bashir found himself pacing back and forth in the cabin behind Ezri and Nog, who busied themselves at the sensor consoles. What’s inside the bloody thing? “Keep trying the deep interior scans, Nog,” Ezri said. “And watch the subspace horizon line. ” “Aye, sir. ” Nog sounded frustrated as he touched various controls. ” Bashir said. ” Ezri gestured toward one of the cockpit gauges.

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