Daniel Lee Kendall Is Dead

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I think that Lost In The Moment the first EP from Daniel Lee Kendall is one of the most played albums on my Itunes. It’s very exciting that this debut record entitled Daniel Lee Kendall Is Dead was released last week. Opening with ‘Under A Spell’, this album is perfectly crafted with pop gems that are both mystically sounding and able to digest in one listen. Clocking in at forty minutes, it feels that ‘Under A Spell’ ends on a disjointed chord that leads into the second track ‘Angelique’.

It’s summertime vibes that will compliment a strong position on your road trip soundtrack collection. With many different quirky sounds on this album from a diverse range of instruments, I think that my favourite definitely has to be the Panpipes in the chorus of ‘Angelique’. ‘Lost in the Moment’ is also a feature of this record that is incredibly impressive as a debut.

Entitled The Funeral Tour, DLK is set to play a few select shows around Australia. Playing his first gig in two and a half years last week, this album has definitely been worth the wait. Coming into summertime, check this sunny release from DLK today.


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