Chris Wilson and Fiona Boyes Review

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Two of the legends of Australian blues recently played at the Piping Hot Chicken Shop in Ocean Grove. Combining years of experience playing in venues all around the world, it was absolutely sensational to see Fiona Boyes and Chris Wilson laying down some of the best blues that the Chicken Shop has ever seen. Wilson opened the show solo, and having seen hundreds of Chris Wilson sets over the years, I have to say that this was quite possibly the best I have ever seen him play. Opening with ‘Waiting on a Friend’, Wilson in his classic stage manner broke the ice by thanking the crowd for coming down whilst all of the interstate AFL preliminary finals were being played. A sly joke about the employees of the Piping Hot Chicken Shop led to the Chris Wilson classic track ‘I Believe The Unions Will Rise Again’.

From travelling all around the world, it’s fair enough that decades in the music industry have led to some experiences that have eventually developed into song. For the first time ever, we were then treated to a Chris Wilson original ‘Sunbury 73’ whether or not this will end up on the next album, I do not know, however the story telling of how Deep Purple were headlining and Bill Thorpe rustled up every Marshall stack he could find. Other Chris Wilson classics such as ‘Hard Land’ which involved just a 30 second harmonica breakdown that led the crowd to go mental in showing their appreciation for the true musicianship on play. ‘Spoonful’, ‘Mystery Train’ and ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’ followed before Fiona joined Chris to play a few tracks including ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’, ‘If You Lay Down With A Dog Your Going To End Up With Fleas’ and ‘Fishing Hole Blues’.

After the short intermission, the band came back on with drums and Tim Neal on Bass and Hammond Organ duties to play what quite possibly is one of the best sets that I have seen at the Chicken Shop in a long time. A raucous version of the Chester Burnett classic ‘Smokestack Lightnin’ was a highlight in a truly great night. Who knows whether or not such a feat will be repeated again, but for our sake, lets hope so.

Fiona Boyes

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