Chet Faker- Built On Glass

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After recording a cover of the seminal 90’s track ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreets just for his friends in 2011 and uploading it on the internet, it went viral and since, Nick Murphy aka Chet Faker has become one of the biggest musical crazes in the global music scene. Soon after that cover went viral, he released his EP entitled Thinking in Textures which contained the song ‘I’m Into You’. Finally after recording three albums and throwing them away, Faker finally brings us a debut album in the form of the glorious Built On Glass.

Greeted with beautiful electric piano from the first track, Built On Glass strongly illustrates just how hard Faker has been working on his Songwriting and arrangement over the past few years. ‘Talk is Cheap’ is the latest single from the album, which brings in some luscious saxophone playing to the mix, which melds brilliantly with the down tempo electro beats Faker is throwing down.

On tour all around the country and throughout Europe and the US for the remainder of 2014, you should definitely add seeing Chet Faker to your list of bands and artists to see. If this doesn’t make album of the year lists at the end of 2014, I will be incredibly surprised. Five stars Mr Murphy, what can you throw up next?


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