Caravana Sun Hit Deep On Silver Linings

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Caravana Sun have recently dropped their new EP Silver Linings, following on from their rootsy beginnings, this new EP sees the band head for new territory and towards a new sound. Working alongside Stephen Schram who has produced some of Australia’s finest musicians of the last decade including The Cat Empire and San Cisco, Caravana Sun are bringing you chilled vibes to compliment your summer beach party.

I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Anthony Beard, bassist from the band to have a chat about the creation of the new EP. At the time of the interview, Beard was in the midst of all the craziness of Big Sound which is a 4 day music conference which happens each September in Brisbane.

One of the big spur of the moment events that went down the night before speaking to Anthony, was the Gravy man himself, Paul Kelly taking to the stage for a surprise set ahead of the release of his new album Nature which is released this Friday October 12.

“Unfortunately, I missed out on that performance as I was catching up with some friends but from all of the reports, it was a pretty special set. There are so many artists for different things these days, there are artists that are amazing for streaming on Spotify, there is a few amazing live artists as well. We saw our friends last night, Hollow Coves and they are a duo out of Brisbane and they have been kicking goals both here and over in Europe lately. So my money is on them to explode in the next year.”

Hollow Coves Are Ant Beard’s Hot Tip To Make It Big in 2019! 

Prior to getting to have a chat to Beard about the band (the last time Anthony and I spoke was for their debut album back in 2011), Caravana Sun had just wrapped up 21 dates of Europe of which is a big market for them to play to. “We were in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK and Malta this time, but we were just building on where we had played before. We got to play to some very big crowds and as it happens a couple of things went wrong. We had our van break down and we had them bring us a new van and so we ended up outside the venue with the crowd on the street but we went to open the back to get our stuff out and it was locked! We eventually smashed a window and played a great show, but that’ll stick out as a memory.” Beard laughs

Heading into the recording studio to lay down the tracks for Silver Linings, it was always going to be different sound, as Beard relates. “We wanted to get a fresh perspective for everybody for where the band is at. I feel like as a body of work it sounds great and we knew that the songs sounded different to what we have done before. From an artist perspective working with Steven Schram was amazing because he kept you on your toes. As a producer you have to bring the best out of an artist and he definitely brought the best out of me.”

You can hear the new EP below, but be sure to check out the boys when the hit up the Torquay hotel on Saturday October 27. For ticketing and info head to the Caravana Sun website. 

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