Bob Evans goes ‘Full Circle’

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Although he doesn’t want to admit it to everyone, Bob Evans, is quite fit. When I got the opportunity to sit down with Bob to chat about his new Best Of album entitled Full Circle which drops today, he was walking. It’s a funny way to begin the conversation about how things have been in his life, but on press days when its back to back interviews, the kilometres seem to stack up.

“Right now mate, I am pacing around the back room of my house. I’m a terrible pacer when I’m on the phone. Whenever I talk on the phone to anyone, I always pace, walk around in circles. People who are with me, it drives them mad, but when I do press days when I do interviews after each other for hours, I spend the whole time walking. One day, I looked at my phone because you know how it tells you how many kilometres you’ve travelled? One time, after doing a full day of interviews between 9am and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I’d walked 17 kilometres.” Bob Evans explains about his intense fitness regime.      

In the lead up to the release of Full Circle, Evans dropped a killer new track which sees the band in the studio over the course of one day laying it all down. The track is titled ‘Drowning’ and you can check out the accompanying clip below, which features legend Ash Naylor tearing up guitar.  The track in pure Bob Evans fashion is a belter of a track, maybe more gritty guitar than on previous tracks but none the less is indicative of what to expect from Bob Evans in the years to come.

“Ash has been helping me out on the live front, since 2012 or 2013, but its great to get all those guys who have toured with me on my last album to record a song and I’m hoping that next year I’ll go in and make a whole record with those guys. Going in for one day, was a little bit of a tester for what’s to come.” Originally earmarked for a future release around the time of Car Boot Sale, Drowning’ gives a big indication of what to expect moving forward.

Since 2003, Evans has been dropping catchy pop nuggets that bring a smile to your day over the course of his solo discography. The modern sounds that a little bit of country flavour to them, was down to the geographical location of being in Music City: Nashville, Tennessee. Reflecting on 2006, Evans still speaks of gusto about the opportunity. 

“I did two albums there, Suburban Songbook being the first one. I remember that time in my life vividly. It was 2005 around about the time of the AFL grand final. I checked into my hotel in Nashville and it was round about the middle of the day, walking down the main street it was that hot hazy afternoon and I had one of those moments where you have an acute kind of awareness of where you are in your life. I could have just broken into a skip, I was so over the moon and felt so lucky. I felt like I’d won the lotto. That was even before the recording sessions started.”

“I didn’t expect for that record to do what it did” Evans continues. “Alot of the best times were still to come, but at that moment, I would have died happy.”

Kicking off on Friday October 19th in Brisbane, Evans will hit major cities ending up at the Northcote Social Club on Saturday November 3rd. Chances are, Bob Evans might even bring out the Christmas lights as the big day isn’t very far away now. 

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