American Doubles Release Unreal Video for ‘The Swell’

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Dreamy desert island vibes with a mojito in hand is what I’m hearing from this first single by Melbourne electronic duo American Doubles. The chorus is catchy as well and sounds a little like Daft Punk and Rufus. Combining the talents of Robert Smith and Justin Hamilton, this is justification that local dance music is safe in the hands of these guys.

It’s a track that features some awesome drum machine loops and catchy beats to create a dance floor boogie that is worthy of being the soundtrack to a long road trip. Leaving civilisation and into the distance as the sun beats down upon you, The Swell plays out and begs for you to hit repeat. There isn’t any word yet on whether this track forms the basis for an album to come, but my fingers are definitely crossed. If you like Rufus, If you like Daft Punk and just easy flowing electronica then, welcome to your new jam.

To accompany the track release, a new video has been released. Now ordinarily, I’d post the clip for you to just get your eyes around, but I think that it’s well worth that you watch both the finished product and the making of for this one. Truly inspiring dance music from a duo that are set to be big things. Keep your eyes posted to The Night Vibe for a upcoming chat with the guys.

The Swell is out now, for more information on American Doubles head to their Facebook page here 


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