Album Review – The White Stripes – Elephant

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Kicking off with ‘Seven Nation Army’, (possibly one of the biggest hits of the past decade) Elephant by The White Stripes is to put it simply, is a rockin’ affair. Conceived at a sound check at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne in the early 2000’s, it became an instant worldwide smash and an anthem for a generation. In addition to this, Seven Nation Army was ranked in the Triple J Hottest 100 of all time a couple of years ago ranking at #20 .

From the infectious slide guitar in the chorus, this song sets up the mood for the album which soars to new heights with heavier songs such as ‘ Black Math’ and ‘The Hardest Button To Button’. In the middle of Elephant, you’ll find the softer acoustic ballad ‘You’ve Got Her In Your Pocket’ which segues perfectly into the second half of this classic White Stripes record.

‘Ball and Biscuit’ highlights catchy guitar riffs and simple drums, which furthermore complements what the White Stripes, are all about. ‘Little Acorns’ and ‘Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine’ stick out as favourites and if you haven’t already checked out or heard the hype surrounding this album, I suggest you should, because you wont be disappointed.

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