Album Review – Shaun Kirk – Thank You For Giving Me The Blues

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The first thing that I love about the new year is the large assortment of new music on offer. 2012 sees the release of rising blues sensation Shaun Kirk. The sophomore release from Kirk entitled Thank You For Giving Me The Blues is to any blues lover going to top their list of album of 2011.

This release sees a vast change in sound for Shaun who released his debut album Cruisin to a resounding reception only a few years ago. Armed with electronic drum pedals, acoustic guitar, percussion and a harmonica, the sound that Kirk produces on this album is simply astounding.  Kicking off with the title track, you can expect to hear some raucous guitar playing from both Kirk himself and guest electric playing from renowned acoustic legend Lloyd Spiegel.

Lyrically, the album shows the true lifestyle that Kirk has led over the past couple of years, with a story or two to compliment the bluesy grooves. ‘Chicken and Corn’ tells the tale that many of us have experienced on a road trip with limited supplies.  With guest percussion from Arunchala (who is Lloyd Spiegel’s right hand man) this album slowly weaves away as you feel like grabbing the keys and heading out on a coastal road trip.

The future is bright for Shaun Kirk as a young blues troubadour and it will be interesting to see which direction his musical career takes next. Definitely a must for any blues lover.

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