Ahoy to America!

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Of course! Every trip begins with a delayed flight right? Sitting in Melbourne with half an hour to kill, the anticipation to Americanarama is kinda killing me. After clearing security and getting to the gate, we are informed that the plane has been struck by lightning and that the flight will be delayed half an hour.

Yet! That was only the beginning of the adventure! Presented with this image and the security overlooking the plane, we are stuck sitting at the gate waiting for news.


After an extensive period of waiting at the gate we found out that our flight was cancelled altogether and had to make alternate arrangements snd book our own flights at another time which could have had us leaving on Friday! (3 days without a flight? What a hassle!)

Upon ringing the lady to reschedule she gave me two options.
1. Melbourne-Sydney, Sydney-Honolulu, Honolulu-L.A., L.A.-Chicago, Chicago to Denver, then Denver to Nashville.
2. Melbourne-Sydney, Sydney-Vancouver,Vancouver- Chicago-Denver and then finally Nashville.

After getting Mez, the travel leader to organise a possibility of getting on their flight tomorrow, we are sorted to leave tomorrow. For the moment this is my view.


Early start tomorrow, will blog upon arrival in Nashville 🙂



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