A Confessional Beginning of the Future

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It’s funny to think how much time exactly has passed since I last published to The Night Vibe. If you want the figure, and this is going to be shameful to admit but it’s been 373 days. Initially, it was a way of keeping the prose flowing and to get my name out there, to really think about moving up the food chain with writing publications in Australia. But, let’s be real for a minute, this website has sat stagnant for quite a while. But really, for what reason? So people of the internet, readers and followers of the Night Vibe, I guess this is a honest account of what is to follow.

Call it a call to arms, call it me getting my arse into gear, but this legitimately is the beginning of the future. Are you ready to take the plunge with me? I mean I’m not trying to say that this enterprise is going to be bigger than NME or Rolling Stone. It’s more a way for me to keep in the loop with what is happening in the music world and for the keys to keep clicking on my laptop. That said, the new generation/incarnation will probably be more of a chatty blog sense and feature a lot more engaging content than lies here now.

I don’t know whether a life admin update would be interesting to anyone either, but here goes. In September last year, I took the plunge to change things up and swap career paths because the road to the holy grail seemed so distant. Things couldn’t be better, I’m happier than ever and motivated to get on here and plunge some words about bands and albums for everyone to get their peepers around.

To start with, I’m going to start by posting twice a week and publishing a weekly Spotify playlist to indulge your tastebuds for the weekend. This has a two sided benefit to it, great tunes to sit back and ease out your worries of the working week and also gives new suggestions for me to throw on the airwaves.

So to the future wrap your ears around this lovely delectable Bob Marley and the Wailers track that I was fortunate enough to witness The Wailers launch into more than once at Bluesfest 2018. See you Friday!


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